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Sally M

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Sally has been helping the Thrift Shop grow and evolve since it started almost 12years ago. You’ll see Sally bustling around Gracie’s every opening Saturday – answering customers’ questions, consulting on a price, or putting out fresh coffee and treats. If you look closely, you’ll probably see Jack the dog close at her heels, looking out for more doggie playmates (Gracie’s is often a venue for doggie meet-ups).

David Q

Board Chair

David’s first love is helping with the Tuesday breakfast, but we also convinced him to Chair the Board.

David M

Property Management

David can also be found tending the checkout at Gracie’s, or in the kitchen Tuesday mornings, preparing oatmeal and his famous homemade soup for Breakfast Club patrons. You might also see David puttering in the gardens, tending the vegetables he grows for the Community Breakfast soup.

Robyn B


If it has to do with money, Robyn’s the one you want to talk to!

Doug J

Worship Host

In addition to helping host our Zoom worship, Doug helps serve breakfast on Tuesdays and is a member of the Affirming Team. If you come to “Walk the Labyrinth”, you may also see Doug’s smiling face offering a warm welcome.

Mary A

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The reason the coffeehouse feels like a place “where everybody knows your name” is because Mary knows it, and will always make sure to check in with you! From setting-up on Fridays to hosting the coffeehouse, coordinating volunteers and musicians, and serving up lunch with a smile and gracious welcome, Mary is your go-to if you want to get involved. And be sure not to miss her homemade Mac n cheese!

Brenda H

Brenda informally coordinates social justice initiatives for congregation, such as helping to develop our 2021 Social Justice Lenten Calendar.

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