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“… a sanctuary where spirits are nourished and community grows as we collaborate for a kinder and more just world.”
– from TGUC Mission Statement Serving Mount Pleasant, Fraser and Knight in Vancouver’s East Side


Kindness and Caring

   Create a communal table that provides nourishment to bodies, minds and spirits, with love for all God’s creation, is fundamental.
   Engaging our neighbours, one at a time, builds the community. Relationships bring us together and sustain our spirits.

Strength of Diversity

 We are a collection of individuals, each with unique gifts to share.

   Creating a space with grace and dignity for the diversity of people… of any age, race, ability, sexual orientation, gender identity, religious background or economic circumstance gives everyone strength.

Sacred Wisdom

Through the teachings of Jesus and with insights from spiritual traditions, experiencing depth, meaning to life, and the interconnectedness of all creation happens.

The spirit of collaboration.

   Achievement and respect grow from working together.


  God calls us to be reconciled and nurture right relations in all aspects of life. This includes responsibility for: the legacies of colonialism; honouring the traditions and culture of indigenous peoples; living with respect as part of creation.

Trinity Grace's Vision 

A community rooted in God’s love, connected by spirit, and following the way of Christ, with compassion and courage, is Trinity Grace’s Vision.


Trinity Grace's Mision 

Inspired by Jesus, creating a sanctuary of nourished spirits and community growth in a kinder and more just world is our mission.

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