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Partnering In Vancouver
For A More Just Community

TGUC is always looking to collaborate with other community organizations to advance justice work and help our neighbours. Some of the groups we’ve been honoured to work with:

• Red Cross B.C. Flood Relief 

$1,300 – all proceeds from Gracie’s Thrift Shop on Dec 5 donated to help Fraser Valley flood victims

• A.L.S Society of B.C.

Gracie’s Thrift Shop revenue from Nov 20 donated in memory of Dickens Community and a loyal supporter

• Metro Vancouver Alliance  

• John Howard Society

    • Disability Alliance

    • Black Lives Matter

    • Rainbow Refugee


Oct 2021 – 2 years of working together secured a better life for a refugee here in our Vancouver community.

    • Vancouver Public Library

    • Alcoholics Anonymous

    • Threshold Choir


• Aboriginal Mothers Centre

 • Living Interfaith Sanctuary

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