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Church Space For Rent In Vancouver

If you are looking for a venue to rent, this might be the place for you.

  • A cosy and inspiring sanctuary space is available to rent.

  • Stunning stained glass, hardwood floors.

  • A gorgeous Yamaha C-5 piano for your use.

  • Perfect venue for performances, choir gatherings and more.

  • Seats up to 100 guests.

  • A small kitchen and foyer area are also available.

  • Comfortable reception and birthday party hosting.

  • Washrooms are fully accessible and gender neutral.

  • Learn more about rental options and our reasonable rates by contacting us directly.


Weekly Events: $40/hr
(2 hr minimum, no 1/2 hrs)

Music Events Recitals: $25/half-hour


Concerts: $75/hr
($50 host fee, 3 hr minimum)

Extra Rehearsal: $35/hr

Recordings: $60/hr


Piano: $100/mth,
Weekly users & single events $100

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